Can you wear a flannel shirt in the summer?

Men’s Summer Flannel Shirt Options/Styles?

YES. Treat your shirt like a jacket and wear it as a flannel overshirt when the temperature drops during the evening. Throw your check shirt over the top of your vest or t-shirt and wear it open.

Men’s Flannel Overshirt.

Flannel shirts are known for their warmth… but it would be a shame to see your favourite shirt get put away for the summer.

So it’s a British heatwave with temperatures reaching 20+ across the country. Whether you’re in a city, in the countryside, or just in the back garden, when the late evening comes and you hit your third Hazy Jane, don’t be left out in the cold.

A flannel overshirt jacket is perfect.

That lumberjack style seamlessly works for all environments, stopping the shudder and looking good doing so.

The versatility of a flannel shirt as a jacket.

You can roll the sleeves up on your check shirt to regulate your temperature, wear it open or button'd up depending on how much of a chill comes when the sun goes down.

Pack light.

When you’re ticking off your summer bucket list or frequenting a beer garden, you will want to be prepared to go the distance in the night and not be uncomfortably cold after sweating it out all day. You don’t want to be carrying around a bulky hoodie or even worse, an actual jacket! In comes that guy, a plaid shirt draped over one shoulder, sunglasses on, prepared for all life could throw at him. You think ‘Dam, wish that was me, that’s a good look.’

Well, it can be you. Now you know.  Be that guy.

Wait, let’s not forget, that in the summer everyone loves a fire pit. And what is the best job to have?

Chief Fire Poker or IC Fire [In Command of Fire].

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t be a fire poker without at least owning a flannel shirt, it’d be a pretty poor show not wearing one. If you don’t, you’re at risk of another dude taking that role from you and suddenly you’re just another bum on a log.

Treat your Classic Flannel right, wear it year-round!

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